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We are two women who wanted to set up a unique cafe in Glasgow. Somewhere were you can hang out, knit, surf the web, play chess, chat and buy the odd gift - whilst eating cake.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a demolition frenzy!

Well, I can honestly say that, by the time we open, I will truly know what is INSIDE the walls! And the ceiling.

So far we've found: ancient Italian newspaper
Similarly aged wallpaper
Windows IN THE CEILING (Explanations on a postcard?)
Beautiful brick areas framed and covered with plywood
That the bleeding and bruising never lasts long
That Jake cannae use a chainsaw (okay, in fairness, we discovered that in our own garden)
Handcrafted switchboxes, made from wood with beautiful joints. Queen B practically wet herself with appreciation

So now we need to get rid of it all! A transit will not suffice! I know we have great contacts but, unless anyone knows someone who has an army regiment, or hauler truck at their disposal... I guess we're gonna have to hire someone! (Not to mention someone with building savvy to reassure us that what we've found behind these walls is actually structurally sound!!!)


And brilliant as well.

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