Sith (shee) is open for business selling gorgeous gifts and little treats!

459 Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow -

We are two women who wanted to set up a unique cafe in Glasgow. Somewhere were you can hang out, knit, surf the web, play chess, chat and buy the odd gift - whilst eating cake.

The cafe is open and so is the shop! We'd love to see you!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Was that a bit grumpy?

Sorry. The customer is always right. I'll do it as soon as I can!


So, people. Just in case you think your gentle prodding about a Gaelic version of the Sith Cafe website was going un-noticed... I have heard you.

Tell you what - as soon as I have a spare moment, between two jobs, two dogs, running a cafe and talking to the goldfish, I'll be right onto it.

Support for Gaelic evenings would greatly encourage my efforts to get the Gaelic version online...

'S e an trioblaid leis a' chanan seo, nach eil duine riamh riaraichte.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One month in...

It's almost a month since we opened. Sorry about the lack of posts - suffice to say we have been a likle bit busy..!

The house is a midden. We get home about 11pm - fall into bed and leave again. The dogs are starting to tidy up for us.

But - it has all been worth it! We are starting to get returning customers, the graph is moving in the right direction, the coffee machine works, and today - WE GOT OUR BUILDING WORKS SIGNED OFF BY THE COUNCIL! Woohooo!

Now all we have to do is satisfy environmental health - which we are doing - and we will be all signed off!

In the meantime, we are promoting like nothing on earth... We had our first Saturday evening do the night of Pride - which went down a storm. Thanks to all the attendees - and the open mic-ers (despite the lack of mic!) - Jakey T, Maria, Gavin, Irene, Nathan, Catherine - you rock!

Now we have lauched our first line-up of evening and afternoon events - check them out on the website -, the network - - or on our new Facebook group! The events include - Gaelic conversation, Knitting, a Book group, The Saturday Ceilidh and a sunday afternoon Games slot.

This journey just keeps on going! Everytime we open we learn something new. I am becoming pretty adept at working between offices, and I have a very understanding boss. (Thanks!)

Thanks too to all our friends for your support and help and willing-ness to come and drink smoothies and eat cake (as well as paint, plaster and plumb...etc...) Nice one!

Okay, off to do some washing up (and/or my paid job ;-)

Look forward to seeing you here sometime


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Try Sìth, You'll Like It.

I just put the word "Sìth" into a random slogan generator and out the title popped!

Give it a try - me likes!

Also, although we don't quite have a cafe yet, we are now serving coffee and hot drinks to take away - come in and tell us what you think.

You'll like it. ;-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

We are officially OPEN!

Thank goodness for that.

Now come visit!

459 Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow, G11 6EJ

Saturday, August 9, 2008

We are so close!

Wow. Months of stress, very hard work and general chaos are nearly at an end...

The house is a tip, the dogs are feeling slightly neglected and we can't remember the last time we washed or had a lie in, but, we have... a shop!

It's not quite a cafe yet - but it is definitely a shop!

The cafe will follow shortly, but in the meantime we are opening for business on Monday the 11th of August.

Wooohooo. Oh yes. Sith (shee) is open for business!!!!!

It has been a tough road, and there is more to come. We still need to get to a point where we can open a cafe. However, the satisfaction of reaching this point is immense. So many people have given so generously of their time, expertise, enthusiasm - and we are so grateful. Hopefully we'll find a way to repay them one day.

As the website says - gorgeous gifts and litle treats - please pop in and have a browse - we would love to see you.

Must go print and laminate signs... ah, the work is never done.

You can have some recent photos to ponder - maybe I'll post the final shop photos, or maybe you'll have to come visit and see for yourselves... ;-)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Slowly but surely...


Well. First things first - we are making progess. It's slow, but it is happening.
That's the good news. The bad news is that a couple of things have meant that we will need to push the opening date back to August.

Basically, we are waiting for final plans from our architect. We then have to submit them to the Council to get permission to mess with things like electrics etc.

So, there we have it. We will open eventually - honest!

ps. Lady B has bought an angle grinder - be afraid, very afraid!