Sith (shee) is open for business selling gorgeous gifts and little treats!

459 Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow -

We are two women who wanted to set up a unique cafe in Glasgow. Somewhere were you can hang out, knit, surf the web, play chess, chat and buy the odd gift - whilst eating cake.

The cafe is open and so is the shop! We'd love to see you!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

We are so close!

Wow. Months of stress, very hard work and general chaos are nearly at an end...

The house is a tip, the dogs are feeling slightly neglected and we can't remember the last time we washed or had a lie in, but, we have... a shop!

It's not quite a cafe yet - but it is definitely a shop!

The cafe will follow shortly, but in the meantime we are opening for business on Monday the 11th of August.

Wooohooo. Oh yes. Sith (shee) is open for business!!!!!

It has been a tough road, and there is more to come. We still need to get to a point where we can open a cafe. However, the satisfaction of reaching this point is immense. So many people have given so generously of their time, expertise, enthusiasm - and we are so grateful. Hopefully we'll find a way to repay them one day.

As the website says - gorgeous gifts and litle treats - please pop in and have a browse - we would love to see you.

Must go print and laminate signs... ah, the work is never done.

You can have some recent photos to ponder - maybe I'll post the final shop photos, or maybe you'll have to come visit and see for yourselves... ;-)

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